Vanestum Consulting is a small family-run business, leveraging 20+ years of overlap between customer-facing software systems and the resultant customer service needs.

We understand that the time and cost pressures of software development mean that time to market is critical, and the focus is given to the core functionality of your product.

Vanestum has taken numerous software systems from inception to successful production operations. We have realised nothing scares customers more than being left in a void without support.

Customer service is often an afterthought.

One of the most common hurdles in scaling a SaaS software solution is in the first few critical months once the new software system goes live.

  • Success! Your new system looks great and works well; marketing is gaining traction with customers signing up for your product.
  • Oops! Customers now need support. Instead of reassigning development teams to the next project, your highly skilled engineers are now doing first-line customer support.
  • Developers do not necessarily have the requisite people and customer-centric skills to retain hard-earned customers.

Customer service is inextricably linked to marketing and your brand – make it count!